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Welcome to your official source for Trina, the one and only Queen of Rap & Hip-Hop. This has been most dedicated and longest running Trina fansite on the entire world wide web. We have been going strong for over five years and their's no stopping us. At, we offer the latest news, photos, media and updates. In adition, we have the largest online photo gallery on the diamond princess! Trina's fifth album, Amazin', is almost finished and should be in stores Summer 2009! We will have you updated with the latest. Come back everyday; we only post the real shit!

Contact: Adrian
Opened: July 2004
Version: Still Da Baddest
Location: Miami, Florida
Online: trina fans
Contact: [email protected]

Look Back At Me (featuring Killer Mike) is the third single from Trina's new album Still Da Baddest. Listen below:
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RT @PrettyHustlaz: Check-out "The Power of Awards Dinner & Jingle Bell Toy Drive hosted by @TrinaRockstarr" ----<>

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CALENDAR where is trina going to be?

05/23/09 Miami, FL
Bleu Magazine Party - Hyatt Regency

05/23/09 Miami Beach, FL
Club Provocateur

05/24/09 Miami Beach, FL

05/25/09 Orlando, FL
Crunkfest - Tabu Nightclub

06/06/09 Grand Rapids, MI
Orbit Room

06/17/09 New Haven, CT
Gotham Citi

06/28/09 Los Angeles, CA
BET Awards

If you are a promoter and looking for Trina to do a performance at a show or host then send your request to [email protected]. You can also e-mail that for all other matters such as press and radio/dj drops.

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Apart from music and other endeavors, Trina has also appeared in movies

With Friends Like These
Not picked up yet

Cast: Trina, Ki Toy Johnson, Luz Whitney

Director: Melvin James

Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Studio: TY Entertainment, R.A.P. FilmWorks

Plot: Starring real life hip hop star Trina, With Friends Like these...focuses on the trials, loves and tribulations of fictional character Cleo Taylor (25) as she runs a Miami beauty salon named Hair We Are. When we first meet Cleo she is the owner for one of Miami's top modeling agencies. With beauty, money and brains, she seems to have it all going for her. On what turns out to be a nightmare morning, Cleo awakens to find her house completely stripped of everything by the IRS. An agent explains to a stunned Cleo, that her longtime boyfriend/partner ran their agency into the ground by embezzling and not filing any taxes. With nowhere to go, Cleo turns to her two childhood friends for help- Suzanne Good (24) a conservative, Caucasian and legal assistant, and Kylie Davis (25) a dizzy and gorgeous Dominican/Black model. Just as everything is ripped away from Cleo, a miracle happens just as quickly. Cleo learns that her distant Aunt Stephanie has died and left her a beauty salon in need of a lot of work. Waiting in the wings to take over her salon is a former nemesis of Cleo's aunt, Naomi Gladstone. Owner of a chain of salons targeted toward African-American Women, Naomi (40) is curvy, sassy and comes with lots of attitude and insults toward Cleo. But Cleo will not give up that easily. With the help of her friends, her aunt's ghost, a former stripper hairstylist and a diva stylist named Franklin, Cleo is ready to take on Naomi and the world in her new venture.

A Miami Tail
September 2, 2003

Cast: Trina, Sommore, Mr. Cheeks

Director: Melvin James

Rating: R

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment

Plot: Greek comedy LYSISTRATA, a young woman (Trina) comes up with an ingenious method of cutting down on the crime and gang violence in her neighborhood--by convincing her girlfriends to withhold sex from their gangster boyfriends until it stops! The plan doesn't go so smoothly, though, resulting in a battle of the sexes that just may change Miami forever. Mr. Cheeks co-stars.

Click here for more information on this movie.

Slip N' Slide: All Star Weekend
June 11, 2004

Cast: Trina, Trick Daddy, Duece Poppi, Tre+6 & more.

Director: Gilbert Green

Rating: Not For Children

Genre: General Music

Studio: Urban Works

Plot: Hip-hop label Slip 'n' Slide Records has thrown one of the wildest beach parties to ever hit South Beach, and this video is your invitation to join in on the good times. Slip 'N' Slide: All Star Weekend features Trick Daddy and Trina playing host as they visit comedy shows, all-night beach parties, concert performances, basketball games, and women showing off the latest in beach attire as a parade of rap stars stop by to check out the action. Guest stars include Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Tre +6, Lost Tribe, Deuce Poppi, and members of the Ruff Ryders posse.