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Welcome to your official source for Trina, the one and only Queen of Rap & Hip-Hop. This has been most dedicated and longest running Trina fansite on the entire world wide web. We have been going strong for over five years and their's no stopping us. At, we offer the latest news, photos, media and updates. In adition, we have the largest online photo gallery on the diamond princess! Trina's fifth album, Amazin', is almost finished and should be in stores Summer 2009! We will have you updated with the latest. Come back everyday; we only post the real shit!

Contact: Adrian
Opened: July 2004
Version: Still Da Baddest
Location: Miami, Florida
Online: trina fans
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Look Back At Me (featuring Killer Mike) is the third single from Trina's new album Still Da Baddest. Listen below:
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RT @PrettyHustlaz: Check-out "The Power of Awards Dinner & Jingle Bell Toy Drive hosted by @TrinaRockstarr" ----<>

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CALENDAR where is trina going to be?

05/23/09 Miami, FL
Bleu Magazine Party - Hyatt Regency

05/23/09 Miami Beach, FL
Club Provocateur

05/24/09 Miami Beach, FL

05/25/09 Orlando, FL
Crunkfest - Tabu Nightclub

06/06/09 Grand Rapids, MI
Orbit Room

06/17/09 New Haven, CT
Gotham Citi

06/28/09 Los Angeles, CA
BET Awards

If you are a promoter and looking for Trina to do a performance at a show or host then send your request to [email protected]. You can also e-mail that for all other matters such as press and radio/dj drops.

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Check out the collection of every single and album by Trina

Glamorest Life (2005)

1. Sum Mo (Featuringuring Dre)
2. Don't Trip (Featuring Lil' Wayne)
3. Shake (Featuring Lil' Scrappy)
4. Here We Go (Featuring Kelly Rowland)
5. Sexy Girl Featuring Snoop Dogg, Co & Money Mark)
6. Da Club (Featuring Mannie Fresh)
7. It's Your B-day (Featuring Jazze Pha)
8. I Gotta (Featuring Rick Ross)
9. Throw It Back (Featuring Duece Poppi)
10. 50/50 Love (Featuring Trey Songz)
11. So Fresh (Featuring Plies)
12. Reach Out
13. Lil' Mama (Featuring Dre)

Diamond Princess (2002)

1. Intro-Sommore
2. Hustling
3. Told Ya'll (Featuringuring Rick Ross)
4. Rewind That Back (Featuringuring Missy Elliott)
5. B R Right (Featuringuring Ludacris)
6. U & ME
7. Busted (Skit)
8. Nasty Bitch (Featuringuring Money Mark)
9. No Panties (Featuringuring Tweet)
10. I Wanna Holla (Featuringuring Duece Poppi)
11. How We Do? (Featuringuring Fabolous)
12. Kandi (Featuringuring Lil' Brianna)
13. Ladies 1st (Featuringuring Eve)
14. Get This Money
15. 100%
16. Do You Want Me? (Featuringuring Bathgate)
17. Outro-Sommore

Da Baddest Bitch (2000)

1. The Big Lick (Featuringuring The Lost Tribe)
2. Da Baddest Bitch
3. If U w/ Me (Featuringuring Mystic of The Lost Tribe)
4. Hair Dresser (Skit)
5. Ain't Shit (Featuringuring Lois Lane)
6. Off The Chain With It (Featuringuring Trick Daddy)
7. 69 Ways (Featuringuring J-Shin)
8. Club (Skit)
9. Ball Wit Me (Featuringuring 24 Karatz)
10. Watch Yo Back (Featuringuring Twista)
11. Off Glass (Featuringuring Duece Poppi)
12. Answering Maching (Skit)
13. I Don't Need U (Featuringuring Trick Daddy)
14. I need (Featuringuring Tre+6)
15. I'll Always
16. Mama (Featuringuring J.A.B.A.N. and J-Shin)
17. Take me (Featuringuring Pamela Long of Total)
18. Pull Over (Featuringuring Trick Daddy)

Don't Trip (Lil' Wayne) (CD Single) (2005)

1. Radio Version
2. Instrumental
3. Album Version

Don't Trip (Lil' Wayne) (Vinyl) (2005)

Side 1
1. Radio Version
2. Album Version

Side 2
1. Instrumental
2. Acappela

Hotel (Vacation Remix) (Cassidy/R. Kelly) (Australia CD Single) (2004)

1. Hotel
2. Hotel (Vacation Remix)

Hotel (Cassidy/R. Kelly) (CD Single) (2004)

Side 1
1. Hotel
2. Hotel (Vacation Remix)

Side 2
1. Hotel Istrumental (Vacation Remix)
2. Take It

Hotel (Vacation Remix) (Cassidy/R. Kelly) (Vinyl) (2004)

Side 1
1. Radio Mix
2. Instrumental
3. Blood Pressure (Radio Mix)
4. Blood Pressure (Street Mix)
5. Blood Pressure (Istrumental)

Right Thurr (Chingy/Jermaine Dupri) (Australia CD Single) (2003)

1. Right Thurr (Radio Edit)
2. Mob Wit Me
3. Right Thurr (Remix)

No Panties (Tweet/Missy Elliott) (CD Single) (2002)

1. Explicit Album Version
2. Instrumental
3. Get It (non-album Track)

No Panties (Tweet/Missy Elliott) (Vinyl) (2002)

Side 1
1. Clean
2. Instrumental

Side 2
1. Dirty
2. Acappella

No Panties (Tweet/Missy Elliott) (Promo UK Single) (2002)

1. No Panties (Clean Radio Edit)

Told Ya'll (Rick Ross) (CD Single) (2002)

1. Radio Edit
2. Explicit Version
3. Instrumental
4. Acapella

Told Ya'll (Rick Ross) (Vinyl) (2002)

Side 1
1. Clean
2. Instrumental

Side 2
1. Dirty
2. Acappella

Thug Like Me (Greg Street/Duece Poppi) (Vinyl) (2001)

Side 1
1. Modified Version

Side 2
1. Explicit
2. Instrumental

That's Cool (Silkk The Shocker) (CD Single) (2001)

1. Radio Version
2. Album Version
3. Instrumental
4. Acapella

Pull Over (CD Single) (2000)

1. Radio Version
2. Radio Version Clean
3. Instrumental

Da Baddest Bitch (CD Single) (2000)

1. Clean Version
2. LP Version
3. Instrumental